Lunch Dinner
Half Baked Chicken 19.50 21.95
Chicken Kiev 22.50 24.95
Medallions of Beef Tenderloin 22.50 24.95
Chicken Breast (Limone, Parmigiana, Marsala or Vesuvio) 22.95 24.95
Chicken Breast Portafoglio
(Stuffed w/Prosciutto, Swiss Cheese, Spinach & Mushroom Sauce)
24.95 26.00
Combo (Medallions of Beef and Chicken Breast) 24.95 27.95
Roast Prime Rib or Vesuvio 24.95 27.95
Fresh Milk Fed Veal
(Marsala, Florentine, Parmigiana or Limone)
24.95 28.95
Chateaubriand Individual 27.95 30.00
Filet Mignon (6 oz.) 27.50 30.00
Filet Mignon (8 oz.) 30.00 32.95
New York Strip (8 oz.) 25.00 28.95
Combo (New York Strip and Chicken Breast) 27.95 30.00
Combo (Filet Mignon and Chicken Breast) 28.95 32.95
Combo (Filet Mignon and 3 Charcoal Jumbo Shrimp) 32.95 35.95
Orange Roughy 26.00 28.95
Baked Salmon 26.00 27.95
Tilapia Lemon Sauce 26.00 27.50


Choice of Preparation
Baked Chicken & Medallions of Beef Tenderloin
Lunch $21.95    Dinner 24.95
Boneless Chicken Breast & Medallions of Beef
Lunch $22.95    Dinner 25.00
(Lunch Available 11:30 a.m.)
Third Meat with any Lunch or Dinner Banquet … add $3.00
(Italian Sausage with Green Peppers, Polish Sausage with Sauerkraut or Pork Tenderloin Marsala)


Soup, Salad, Vegetable and Potato
Coffee, Dessert, Rolls and Butter
Linen Tablecloths, Napkins and Table Arrangements Family Style!

Lunch & Dinner Choices

Choice of One:
Minestrone, Escarole in Brodo, Chicken & Rice or Noodle, Tortellini in Brodo or Stracciatella Soup

Choice of Three:
Thousand, French, Creamy Garlic, Italian or Ranch

Choice of One:
Mostaccioli, Rigatoni, Rotini or Fettucini $1.00 per person

Additional Pasta

Ravioli 2.00
Lasagna 3.00
Linguini with Mussels 3.50
Farfallette Vodka Sauce 3.00
Risotto with Seafood 5.00
Rotolo Primavera with Vegetables 4.00
Rotolo Primavera with Prosciutto 4.00
Orecchiette with Braciole 4.00

Choice of One:
Double Baked Potato, Potato Vesuvio, Mashed Potato or Rice Pilaf

Choice of One:
Green Beans Aimondine, Corn, Peas, Mushrooms & Onions, Cut Green Beans Marinara or Garden Vegetable Mix

Choice of One:
Ice Cream – French Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon Ice
Nocciola, Bacio or Tartufo – Spumone ($2.00 additional)

BUFFET (Minimum 50 Guests)
Choice of Two:

Chicken Vesuvio
Italian Sausage with Green Peppers
Roast Pork
Medallions of Beef Tenderloin
Mostaccioli (Meat Sauce or Marinara Sauce)
Bread and Butter

Additional Meat $2.00
Additional Pasta $1.50

Lunch $18.95 Dinner $20.95

Additions Per Person

Antipasto (Individual) 3.50
Medallions of Fresh Mozzarella with Prosciutto 4.00
Traditional Antipasto 3.00
Antipasto Caprese (individual) 3.75
Antipasto Caprese (family style) 3.25
Fish Salad 4.00
Fried Fish (Frittura Mista) 4.00
Grigliata Mista (Grilled Fish) 5.00
Baked Clams (3 per person) 4.00
Pastry Trays (20 pieces) 25.00
Fresh Fruit Trays 20.00
Cake 2.50
Unlimited Soda (during dinner) 2.00
Unlimited Wine (during dinner) 5.00
Wine or Champagne Bottle 20.00
Fruit Punch 2.00
Spiked Punch 2.50
Pitcher of Soda 5.00
Bartender’s Fee (with Cash Bar) 75.00
Open Bar 1st Hour 7.50
Each Additional Hour 6.50